Swanhyoga, my favourite fairy tale

One swan
I have but one swan
One swan
And it is you

One song
My heart keeps singing
Of one love
Only for you!

Survival (Akuma no Riddle ED 11/Hashiri Nio’s Character Song Translated Lyrics)


Hey guys! ^^ With this, I’m (sadly) officially done with translating the Akuma no Riddle character songs… which means I’m on to my next translation challenge—Kamigami no Asobi! Which will probably take a while because I’m feeling lazy and there’s a lot of songs to go through pfft;;

Nio’s song is another one that I really really love <3333 Though the lyrics themselves make me feel bad for Nio ;~; I actually liked her from the beginning and I really wish her character could’ve been developed a bit more throughout the series… but I guess we got as much as we could get out of a 12 episode series. XDD;

Enjoy the lyrics, and thank you all for your support with these translations! Even just seeing how many people are liking and reblogging my translations makes me happier than I could ever say, and it’s all the more motivation for me to keep working hard and translating! ;w;

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I love this song! Thank to Chirigirl13